Thursday, 5 March 2015

Aventuras en Espana....Valladololid

 Wow its been soo long since my last blog post.Honestly I don't love blogging,                                

 I prefer to make videos and talk about my experiences. 

However, I think its good to share some experiences e.g. travelling, working, studying etc .             I'm going to start a Adventure/travelling segment on my blog!

So im starting a new adventure in Spain. 
I am currently in Valladololid a city an hour away from Madrid. Its known as one of                         the safest cities in Espana, plus it has a beautiful cathedral! I love it here.
Everyone speaks spanish and the 6 years of Spanish I did in school hasn't been put to use yet.
Hopefully in the next 5 months i pick up some spanish.

Its been 5 days so far and im already in love. I already have contacts for people who                   want to learn english plus I'm working with a great company (INTRAS) they                                 work with people with mental health issues and disabilities.                                                           Its great to have some first hand experience in mental health.
I went to a lovely bar with my housemate yesterday, we had sweet wine,                                         it was soo cheap (1euro) and we got biscuits aswell.                                                             Everything is so much cheaper than Dublin,                                                                                   plus did i mention the beer here is only 1.20-1.60 euros.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Health and Fitness: Introduction

Hey guys, Im sooo excited I decided to turn my life around and start a health and fitness lifestyle change!
Iv got some pictures of some of the awesome food that I found online. They tasted soooo good. Anyways lets get down to  the nitty gritty of this awesome lifestyle change.

The first excersize I tried was insanity! BIG MISTAKE, it was too difficult but I had my amazing sister there to motivate me throughout Day 2.

My amazing friend Chi suggested I tried doing 5min intensity workouts and that's exactly what Iv been doing for the first week. Iv also been working on some dance workouts by Scoladondo on Youtube. Absolutely loving the afrobeats!( who knew dancing could be sooo fun ).
I ran yesterday for 40 minutes at intervals it was hard and intense, especially as my right leg kept feeling numb!.
Nonetheless, I felt great after, so it was definitely worth it :).

Hmm my diet has changed a good bit no more whites, the junk food is completely gone. I now cook! oh WOW.
I eat fruits a lot, my mum recently bought tons of fruits and we cut them up and froze them in bags, which saves tons more time in preparing frozen fruit and yogurt and smoothies too. It is also great for snacking.

Iv changed from milk chocolate to dark chocolate! which I bought in lidl, I dont eat it often think Iv had 1 square in the past week :). NO MORE JUNK FOR ME.

CHEAT DAYS, these are done once a week, I had two cheat days last week. Although, some might not classify it as a full on cheat days. One day i had a few M&Ms (not a whole bag), and another I had a slice of cake and a loot of soda bread :). Soda bread is good but not too much! Pics below

Oat and banana pancake great for breakie and energy in the morning!

hmm corn cakes, avocado, salmon, pitta bread and pesto, so filling when you add the pitta bread :) great for lunch or dinner.

Hmm my favourite dinner omg this was amazing, beef steak with spices, vegetables and brown spaghetti :) hmm yum yum yum. This meal takes the win!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

I did Braids and Mane n Tail Challenge

HEEEEY guys so i did some braids, yesterday afternoon I was sooo bored and originally i was gonna do mini twists, but I wanted a bit of length so I decided on braids.

Now as for the mane n tail challenge, im still gonna go ahead and do it Im gonna condition every week and use their leave in conditioner just where my hair reaches on the braids.

As for shampoo I decided Im not gonna shampoo as often, unless my hair needs a wash!, I would love to try a no shampoo challenge maybe during the summer, but for now Ill stick to shampooing once every 3-4 weeks and Ill see how that goes :)

here are some pics of my braids, there medium length, small and not heavy :)


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Mane n Tail Challenge UPDATE 05.02.14

So its been 3 weeks now, since I started using my mane n tail, and I have to say I have definitely noticed a huge difference, my hair is always moisturized with little/no use of my shea butter mix, my hair is much thicker and shiny ( i love it ), there are some pictures down below of my big hair, I noticed this huge dramatic change a few nights ago :).
I cant get over ho much shine and moisture the herbal gro gives my hair, Will deffo invest in some more conditioner, perhaps not the shampoo as I would like to stay away from shampoos in the future :)

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Mane n Tail Challenge week one 12.01.14

So I ordered some mane n tail herbal gro shampoo,conditioner and leave in therapy after watching some awesome YouTube reviews. Down below are some challenge details
Wash and deep comdition (30min) hair with mane n tail herbal gro shampoo and comditioner.
Use the herbal gro leave in therapy after rinsing the conditioner out.
Then protective style hair as desired.
After 8 weeks I will do a quick hair length check, of the diferent sections of my hair and see the results.
I will post pics down below of my current hair lenght in different areas of my hair :) mwah

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Sugar Scrub

Hey guys been a while since my last blog!

Well im back with a face and body all natural amazing scrub. Sugar is an all natural exfoliator, cleanses and removes dead skin, Lemon juice one of my fav natural ingredients removes dark spots, brightens the skin and gives you that youthful glow :).

The other oils I used are optional, Jojoba oil is great if you have oily skin and it contains sebum which our skin naturally produces, and Lavender oil smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished.

This sugar scrub can be used for your face, body and lips!
I plan on using this scrub twice a week for 6 weeks. I guess I can call it the sugar scrub challenge, Cant wait to see the end results :) Pics down below

p.s. this cost me nothing to make as all the ingredients were in my house, and I used them all :)

Ingredients down below:

Raw Brown Sugar
Jojoba Oil  (optional)
Lavender oil (optional)

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Comment below or contact me for any questions you may have :)

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tumeric Facemask

Omg love using my all natural tumeric facemask. Its an ancient facemask used in India the night before a bride's big day!
Im going to share the ingredients and benefits with you all :).

Benefits: Brightens the face, evens out the skintone, gets rid of acne, removes scars, softness and gives you that youthful feel.

Ingredients: tumeric powder (can be found in supermarket), milk, lemon juice, honey.

How to make: Put two table spoons of tumeric powder in a bowl, add 3 table spoons of lemon juice, add 2 table spoons of milk, add 1 table spoon of honey.
                            Then mix well until the mix is a paste, then apply on face. Leave on your face until the paste is completely dry (10-15 mins).

Tips:  You can add gram flour to thicken the mask.
            Tumeric can be messy and stains so wear an old t-shirt or nothing at all :)

I used this mask 3 times a week for 2 weeks right after my summer holidays, my face was in need of some beauty therapy and I could see a great difference after the 3rd use.